Jason Amada

About Me

Jason Amada has always been intrigued by new experiences. Amada grew up in Manhattan, not a typical American village. His homes were in Forest Hills, Queens, and Upper West Side, Manhattan.

Jason Amada realized his genuine love when he started his online e-commerce enterprise concentrating on Amazon and eBay. Amada's new business enabled him to combine his skills while being his boss, establishing his hours, and running his corporation.

As has happened previously, Jason Amada has established his version of the tiny American businessman, notably in New York City. Just that Amada's version is more in tune with 21st-century technology needs than the traditional shop, counter, and physical store arrangement. Amada's business life is considerably more accessible with the e-commerce site. Instead of supervising 50 jobs each day on a store floor, Amada has computers do it all. Customers may browse as required, while Amada can focus on marketing and advertising 90% of the time. In essence, he spends much more time producing value than managing and serving consumers.

Jason Amada's Baruch College business degree benefited him in the long term. But now leads an online firm and learns by doing, watching, learning from others, and trying out ideas that work or don't work. That information is essential in running a successful e-commerce organization and cannot be taught in a classroom.

Jason Amada expects the Internet to continue expanding in new commercial areas. Because e-commerce is beginning to interact with the digital metaverse and NFT is rapidly growing, there are more opportunities for growth and customer choice. For online sellers like Jason, the line between selling real and digital goods is continually shifting, and new ideas are sought. Jason Adama wants to remain at the vanguard of the new business paradigm for as long as he can.